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Let me ask you a question. Have you…

Been inconsistent 🐿

You tried ads, affiliates, influencers, PR, social - your bleeding cash and seeing little to no results. You know that content marketing is the most effective way to educate customers on why they should buy from you, but who has the time? You already wrote a few blog posts a year ago.

As a result you have…

Avoided making content 🙈

You now cringe each time you look at your website. When someone asks if they can read more about your product you and your team awkwardly laugh and quietly say “well we have our blog”. You spend hours wishfully reading through Stripes, Intercoms and the big players websites.

Or worse yet you have…

Had no content strategy 😱

You already have a website, a sales team and your demos rock - what else do you need? Even if you did want to start creating content, what would you write about, and where would you start? Is it even worth the time and money?

What if instead you could…

Close leads, repeatedly

What if you knew:

  • - how to effectively distribute your content
  • - exactly where in the journey your visitors are
  • - how to convert visitors into customers

You could then...

Create shareable content that attracts new customers

Imagine this:

  • - you consistently put out great content each week
  • - your content is in depth and educational
  • - you are excited to share it with prospects

Which would then…

Build trust and authority in your industry

In a the future you could:

  • - remove your reliance on ads to generate leads
  • - have the confidence to say your no to prospects
  • - be known as a thought leader in your space

This is what content marketing can do for your business.

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My hair has since gotten longer

Hi there! 👋🏼

I'm Edward Danilyuk.

In the past four years I have grown my consulting business from charging $20 / hour to an effective hourly rate of $300+ an hour.

Along the way I figured out how to build products really well. As a developer, the technical aspects of product building came easy to me. But, there was a missing piece.

No one wanted my stuff.

Worse yet, I couldn't figure out how to get customers. Or where to even start for that matter.

I know the frustration you feel right now, and I want to help you figure out content marketing with me.

I can help you...

Build a consistent and realistic content strategy.

Set up an easy to use newsletter.

Set up a conversion focused landing page.

Find out if we are a fit in 24 hours