Can you start a business with no code experience?


Not having code experience is the top objection I hear from potential founders when it comes to executing their idea. Do not let your current lack of tech knowlege stop you from validating and building your business. You don't even need to learn code in the process. Here are two tools you can use at any point in your journey to start a business.

No code tools

No code tools are tools that let you build products without using code. They are often a drag and drop interface with some configuration that you can setup. There are thousands of examples of people leverageing no code to quickly validate a product and make revenue. The no code movement has exploded in the past years. Webflow, Bubble, and MakerPad are a few examples of tools and platforms that you can leverage to get started.


If you have cash on hand - leverage contractors. Working with contractors is a great way to get a fixed price for a block of work you want done. No need to hire or handle overhead when you can pull in thousands of talented people from across the world to get your work done. This is a great option for seed stage or series A startups who need a help scaling before they hire in house talent.

Leverage what you have

Leverage either no code tools or contractors to get what you need done. Cut back scope until you can handle it. If needed, recruit the help of family or friends. Don't let not knowing how to code stop you from validating and building.

Customers don't care how you solve their problem, only that you solve it

At the end of the day, your customers are not going to care if you use Webflow, React, Bubble or any other tool to get things done. They will care about one thing.

Did you solve my problem? If the answer is yes, that is all you need. Its easy for us as founders to get caught up in making things the best that they can be from a technical perspective - when often all it needs to be is done.