Common misconceptions about being a solo founder

People always have opinions about how you should start and run a company. Having been both a solo and co founder I have heard a number of common misconceptions around being a solo cofounder.

Investors will not invest in your company unless you have a co founder

This is the most common misconception that I hear. It is true that VC’s like Y Combinator do encourage having a cofounder, but a cofounder is not the magic solution. There needs to be a match between what an investor is looking for, your product and you. Being a solo founder will not minimize your chances of investment if there is a fit between the VC and you.

You are a loner who cant find others to work with you

Some people prefer to do the work on their own. You can execute faster and keep moving - especially in the early stages. Working solo does not mean you can not pitch your idea to others. Finding a co founder is extremely difficult and takes time. Do not get stuck on finding a cofounder.

You are terrible to work with

Being a solo founder does not mean you are a bad team mate or collaborator. It is quicker to focus on validating an idea and building the first version of a product than trying to find a team to help you work through the early stages.

Do what is best for you

Go solo or find a cofounder. You can pick up a team along the way. It will be easier when you have revenue or funding. There is no right or wrong way to be a founder. Most importantly, don't let not having a cofounder stop you from executing.