How to use dribble to search for design inspiration

One of the best ways to get unstuck when laying out pages for an MVP is to get inspiration from Dribbble. If you are un familiar with what Dribbble is, I wrote a quick overview of their platform here [link to dribble post].

Here is how I use dribble to search for design inspiration.

Go to Across the top of the page there are tabs categorizing a few common themes.

Select a tab based on what you are working on. In my case I either select “Product Design” or “Web Design”. From there - type in what type of industry you are working in. I’ll type in something like “finance”, “healthcare” or whatever industry I am currently working with.

You now should get hundreds of designs completed by people in the same space you are currently working in. Pull the ones that catch your eye into a saved folder to refer back to later if you get stuck.