Three places to find design templates for your MVP

Building an MVP is about speed. You want to get to revenue and profitability as fast as you can.

The more time you spend on a single stage, the more time you are taking away from finding out if your customers will pay for your product. One stage founders tend to get stuck on is the design stage.

Its easy to get caught up in the little design details in an effort to make your product look as good as possible when selling. The MVP stage is not the time to do so.

There is a great middle ground to having a great design and doing it quickly. Use design templates.

Here are three websites to find design templates that you can quickly edit to get a custom looking design.


UI8 has over five thousand design resource ranging from UI kits, to illustrations and mockups. This is my go to place to find the best UI templates. You can either buy individual templates, or subscribe to download multiple templates a day.

Templates from UI8 are really easy to edit to fit what you are looking for visually for your mvp.


Dribbble is one of the most well known resources in the design space. They have a marketplace where you can buy just about any design resource. If you like a template, you can easily reach out to the designer for small edits, or for custom work down the road.


Envato has three marketplaces to choose from: Elements, Placeit, and Envato Market.
Each one of these marketplaces has thousands of design templates ranging from UI to layouts and graphics.

Next steps

With the above three resources, you have enough templates to not spend money on custom UI design at the MVP stage.

Go through the resources, find a template that is a fit - and edit it slightly. From there, put together a prototype and add that to your landing page. Start getting signups for your MPV or even preselling.