Results! Take some time to explore a few teams I have partnered with in the past.

Design, Develop

Boostpoint Web App

Boostpoint is on a mission to streamline social ad creation. I helped them execute their vision by building and refactoring core features of the web application.

Develop, Streamline

MSLC Cabin Builder App

A custom log construction company needed to streamline its complex and lengthy sales process. I helped them modernize their sales process with a visual cabin builder application.


AES Teacher UI Updates

AES had a summer release coming up with a few issues that still needed to get resolved. I worked with the team to squash those pesky bugs and run through tests to get things production ready.

Discover, Design, Develop, Innovate

Konek CRM

Konek is a unique take on a CRM focused on solving the problem of keeping in contact and up to date with connections made in the ministry work field. I worked with the Konek team and led the design and development of the Frontend Web App, along with the development of the Mobile Apps.

Discover, Design, Develop, Streamline


After validating the MVP, I worked with Constance to increase team productivity by building a dashboard to facilitate team check ins.