Identify first steps, get started, or keep growing.

The following services are all fixed price. No more running out of budget only to find out your product is only halfway done.


Technical Product Plan


This rate includes fully diving into your idea, understanding where you want to go, your timeline and coming up with a detailed technical product plan that you can take to any developer to execute on.

4 Week MVP

$10,000 - 20,000

This rate includes everything you need to have a fully functional MVP that you can get in front of paying customers and start getting real feedback. The schedule for this looks like: 1 week of planning, 1 week of design, 2 weeks of building.

Custom Development


This is for customers who want a fully custom software beyond MVP or are looking to add new features to their existing business.

Frequently asked questions

What tech stack do you work with?

I am 100% JavaScript based. Frontend will be React, backend will be Node. DB will be PgSQL. I either use Rest or GraphQL for the API structure. Frontend will be deployed on Netlify. If your working with existing tech thats not JS based - I'm not a good fit.

I have not validated my idea yet, should we work together?

If you have not validated your idea in anyway yet - I suggest you do that first. You will save yourself time and money.

Do you use nocode tools for the 4 Week MVP?

No, I will not be using nocode tools. Your MVP will be built with code. The reason being - your idea should be validated. The 4 Week MVP is a great base to kickoff your project with and start generating revenue out of the gate.

What do I get with the 4 Week MVP?

Authentication, billing management through Stripe, and one core feature.